How to Style A Small Living Room


How to Style A Small Living Room - The living space is one of the most important space in the house, since that is where most of the living is present-hence it bears the name! Most living spaces need to be functional and have sufficient seating to fit the whole family plus some company comfortably. That is easy to do if your living space is large. But, you may have large living space, especially if you live in condo or an apartment. Luckily there are some particular things that you can do in order to decorate small living space which will make the space appear even bigger.

Small-Living-Room How to Style A Small Living Room

Small Living Room

Choosing The Right Paint

Before you start deciding on the furniture and accents for the space, you need to decide on the paint colors, which can transform the space dramatically. Small spaces should be best painted with some cool colors, such as blues, grays, and greens. Gray is indeed a great neutral tone and appears great in living spaces, since it goes with just any color palette. The ceiling needs to be painted one shade lighter than are the walls in order to make the space even airier and taller.

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Hanging Curtains as Accents

You can also hang some curtains near your ceiling. Bear in mind that you had better choose curtains which stretch to your living space floor, and then hang them slightly higher than is the top of your windows. 4 to 6 inches higher can be great height. Curtains which stretch from your ceiling to the floors will create the impression of height and airiness in small living space.

Deciding on the Correct Seating

Most of the furniture companies tend to make condo-sized sofas (some even refer to them as “apartment couches”). You need to use the combination of an apartment couch and chair and half, or one recliner. You can set two apartment couches which face each other with a coffee table set in between, which can work well too. Also, you may need to take into account armless chairs or couches. They will make the area feel and appear a lot more open. In addition, you need to make sure that you do not have excessive number of furniture pieces as that will clutter up the small living room and make the space feel so crowded.

Opting for Double-Duty Furniture Pieces

Another important tip is choosing double-duty pieces of furniture. ottoman or coffee table with hidden storage is indeed great for hiding the stacks of DVDs. Entertainment center with built-in bookshelves will enable you to display several decorative treasures without necessarily cramming separate bookshelf in small area.

Choosing Focal Point

Using large item appears contrary to decorating small living room, yet one large focal point will surely bring in style without necessarily feeling crowded. A large piece of art is way better than several small furniture pieces, which will only create the feeling of clutter.

Setting Some Mirrors

Mirrors will open up the space and can also reflect light, which makes the space appear even bigger. You can place large mirror over your sofa, or opposite your window in order to capture the light.

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