How to Place Area Rug in Living Room


accent-rugs-for-living-room How to Place Area Rug in Living Room

How to Place Area Rug in Living Room - In order to determine the right rug and then correctly arrange it to accentuate the decoration in your living room, you will need to take into account more than simply the style, material, and color-shape and size do matter as well. The optimal size rug in certain shape which best suits particular living room will help you to invigorate the whole aspect of a living room while at the same time also showcasing the best qualities of the rug.

Know the Guidelines, then You can Bend at Your Will!

Generally, the common guideline is to allow approximately eighteen inches of the exposed floor space around the perimeter of area rug. But, the overall size as well as location of the space should be taken into account also. The 18” rule works well in rooms which are enclosed and segregated from the surrounding areas while the appearance of smaller spaces will get the benefit from the less exposed space.

Bear in mind that undersized rug can really make the space look even smaller and make the furniture pieces around it appear uncoordinated. When it deals with area rugs, bigger can signify better look, indeed. Before you purchase a rug, make sure that you map out the space so as to scale and take into account the furniture size, doorways, and the exposure to sunlight among the other things. Also pay attention to the details of the space and how things will look as a unity.

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Living Room Layout with Area Rug

The dimensions of your living space will dictate the perfect size and shape of your area rug. Here are some important tips that you can consider when determining the layout of the furniture.

5’ x 8’- All legs off, the furniture pieces surrounding the edges of the area rug. When you opt for smaller area rug, you need to keep all legs of your furniture off and then placed around the edges of area rug is smart option. That is truly effective decorative trick when you have bold, flamboyant color and pattern on the area rug with which you want to fill the living room.

8’ x 10’-The front legs set on the outer edges of the rug- The most well recognized layout for living space furnishings. That arrangement will help you to connect the furniture as well as harmonize room decoration while at the same time also lend itself to connecting the furniture and harmonizing the living room decoration while at the same time lending wonderful sense of harmony to the whole space.

9’ x 12’- All legs set on the rug-For a more unified look, you can put all of the legs of couches and sofas on the surface of 9’ x 12’ area rug. That particular arrangement will tend to determine and establish the specific aspect of room providing that it is capable of accommodating larger rug.

The Range of Textures

Eventually, bear in mind that area rug as much about bringing in new textures since they are about introducing patterns and colors that are new to the living room. You need to opt for a rug which brings new texture into your living space

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