How to Furnish A Large Living Room


Large-Living-Room How to Furnish A Large Living Room

After I have recently shared my tips for decorating and styling small living room, I go some questions and requests for the tips for furnishing and styling larger living rooms. While the small ones have their own challenges because of the limited space, bigger living rooms [pose their own issues. Bigger living rooms can be so wonderful for entertainment, yet not as cozy or functional for a day to day living. Here is the list of useful tips you can follow for ensuring proper furnishing in large living space.

Designating the Zones

In small space, you would likely have only space for the conversation area and there is no additional space for the furniture as well as furniture grouping. Large space can function more than simple a large space and sitting area, yet you may have to be really creative with how you can best utilize the size and the shape of the space you have. You need to identify the possible functional areas, such as the conversation zone, media zone, and space for writing desk, game table, or a console.

Divide the Area Visually

You can of course add ceiling beams, pillar, or half walls to divide the space visually in semi-permanent ways, for the flexibility that you may be able to use curtains, area rugs, furniture placement, and wallpaper to help you create cozy areas within large space. Even just a sofa with its back to some other area, or chaise longue, tables between your chairs, large bench, an interesting screen, curtains, large lamps, or plants can help you to divide the area.

Anchor the Space

Great space or large living spaces can end up appearing cluttered if you place so many small furniture pieces in the area without anchoring pieces. Sectional, large sofa, coffee table, nad built in bookcases or piano will help you to anchor the space so smaller furniture pieces can be tucked in as the accents.

Creating Lighting Fixtures

No matter what size of space you have, lighting can really make huge difference in how the space feels and looks. Luckily with large living room there are more windows, so during the day the lighting is not much of an issue. But dark corners and shadows can make everyone feel rather uneasy during the night. if you have one center ceiling light you will need to add more lights. A room can appear awkward if you many lamps, though, so moderation is the key to ensuring proper lighting.

Using the Right Color Palettes

In this case, color palettes and patterns can be used in order to break up the big expanses of the walls in great space or cut the size of tall wall down to more comfortable height. You can add wainscoting with a lot of shades of neutrals or tones painted above and also below the molding. If there is high ceiling in your large living space, you may be interested in trying some simple tricks that you can follow to cozy up the space.

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