How to Divide A Large Living Room


Large-Living-Room How to Divide A Large Living Room

Ask yourself how you wish to have open-concept space to function, such as your living room, before you actually come up with ideas and start separating the space into smaller sections. And although arranging the furniture pieces is one particular way of dividing space, you can have several design options to perfectly section off one single living room into two or perhaps more sections in order to fit your desired activities and lifestyle.

Stylish Decorative Hang-Ups

You can hang one large double sided painting, colorful leaded pieces of glass, or artistic metal sculpture from your ceiling where you plan to divide the space in order to create the visual segregation of the space with some aesthetic appeal in order to get an open-concept area. As an alternative, you can secure decorative curtain rod which is fitted with some translucent sheers to your ceiling in order to add some light-filtering separation to a large living room. You can substitute luxurious draperies for lightweight sheer curtains for ramping up your level of privacy and some decorating dramatic impact.

Bring in Reclaimed Treasures

You can always separate your oversized living room into smaller sections using eco-friendly dividers. One useful tip is to browse flea markets, garage sales, and junk yards sales for the ordinary household pieces which you can always repurpose as your personal one-of-a-kind room partition. In this case you are interested in vintage look, you can go for vintage doors, reclaimed wooden pallets, and salvaged windows as a new way for screening off one single large living space. You need to secure some window sashes together with some metal hinges for designing a large living room divider which you can suspend perfectly from the ceiling for more designer solution. Also you can hinge two or more wooden pallets or doors in order to fashion your panel-like room partition.

Play with Freestanding Stuffs

You can situate some low-profile furnishings, such as chaise lounge, stylish bench, or some chic daybed in order to make the marking for existing separation between the activity zones in single living room without necessarily blocking the view. Alternatively, you can float the sofa right in the middle of the space to visually segregate the activity areas. While the back-to-back sofas can provide two individual conversation spots, sofa with console table set behind it will deliver convenient spot to perch some decorative task lighting for your daily writing and reading. Also, you can incorporate L-shaped sectional for more distinctive boundary, instead of single traditional couch. While the portable folding screen which is decorated with enlarged photographs can boost the visual appeals in the area, it will make stunning room divider.

Set Decorative Floors

You need to look down to your floor when you try to come up with workable room divider. You can always make powerful decorating statement so as to define distinct activity areas in large living room by simply painting decorative rugs on some hard-surface floor. You need to section off portion of the living room with clear boundaries by using patchwork, checkerboard, or striped pattern.

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