How to Decorate a Very Small Living Room


How-to-Decorate-a-Small-Living-Room-2 How to Decorate a Very Small Living Room

How to Decorate a Very Small Living Room - The living room in a house is indeed one of the most essential spaces, since that is where most of our daily activities are done. Most living rooms require multifunctional design and need to be equipped with enough seating to fit the whole family comfortably plus, and also company. This is indeed effortless to do if you have large living room space. But, you may find it difficult to do so if you do not have large one, particularly if you live in an apartment or condo. Fortunately, there are several specific things that you can do to renovate your small living room.

What You Need

Before you start the whole project on redesigning your small living room, you need to prepare paints, painting tools, furniture, curtains, and mirror. Each of these stuffs is needed at different stage of the project.


Simple Ideas on Designing Small Living Room

First off, you need to choose the right paint. Paint can convert a room dramatically. Small spaces should be painted with cool shades, such as blues, grays, and greens. Gray is indeed neutral tone and appears great on living room walls since it goes with any color. Your ceiling has to be painted one tone lighter than are the walls so as to make the room feel even airier and taller.

Got the curtains? Hang them near your ceiling. You had better choose ones which stretch to the floor, and then hang them higher than are the top of your window. 4 to 6 inches higher is indeed perfect height. Curtains which stretch from the ceiling right to the floor will create the illusion of space and height in small areas.

How-to-Decorate-a-Small-Living-Room How to Decorate a Very Small Living Room

Also, you need to choose the right seating. Most companies working on furniture make apartment-sized couch and chair, or even a recliner. Two apartment couches which face each other with coffee table set in between can work well also. You need to take into account “armless” chairs or couches. They will make the room look more open and spacious. In addition, you need to make sure that you not have too many furniture pieces since this will clutter up your small living room and make the space so crowded.

Next, make sure that you choose double-duty furniture. Coffee table with secret additional storage is perfect for storing your stack of DVDs. Having an entertainment center which has built-in bookshelves will enable you to showcase a few decorative pieces without needing to cram separate bookshelf into small space.

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Fancy a focal point? You definitely have to think about it. Create large focal point. Obviously using a large item will appear contrary to decorating small space, yet a single large focal point will bring in more style without looking crowded. A large piece of art is way better than several small pieces that will only serve to create clutter feeling. The last point to note is using mirrors. Mirrors will open up an area and also reflect light, which makes your room appear bigger.


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