How to Decorate My Living Room Apartment

Living-Room-Apartment How to Decorate My Living Room Apartment

Living Room Apartment

Decorating an apartment with flat budget can be quite a challenge, but there are always cheap solutions if we do know where to find and what we are supposed to do with what you can find. You can refurbish your old furniture with coat of paint or simply layer of your old fabric. Create headboard from discarded windows and then decorate your apartment walls with original art. As always, even just a little imagination goes long way toward transforming cheap decorating solutions into fabulous design for your apartment.


Refurbishing furniture which you can find at local thrift shop, yard sale, or perhaps in your parent’s attic. Repainting or restraining wood pieces to make them look new with few simple steps can be great ideas. Also, try to re-covering chairs using fresh fabric to get you cheap and easy fix. To finish your wood furniture, remove your hardware, sand your furniture’s wood surfaces and then apply primer and then paint or coat of stain so as to entirely transform the piece from one old stuff and tired to a whole new style for your apartment living room.

 Decking Your Walls

Hanging quilt or tapestry for decorating large wall space in your apartment living room can be a quick and simple solution to its decoration. Another budget-friendly decoration idea is to frame photos and then hang them in rows or patterns in order to cover a large or small wall area. Take architectural shots from around your city or simply enlarge close-up pictures of botanicals and flowers. Frames and precut mats form your local craft shop are cheap alternative to getting your photos framed professionally. Make sure you take the advantage of 40 and 50 % off the coupons that you usually find in Sunday paper for some craft stores.

Arrangement and Clutter

Well, now as you have everything that you need to decorate your apartment living room, you need to deal with clutter and living room arrangement. The first step to decorating living room is removing all the clutter, which is even more important if you are working on an apartment living room, which oftentimes comes in small scale. Throw away the piles of your magazine; remove all of the small collectibles; and clear off your coffee table and your end tables. You can always bring your collectibles back once you determine how your living room is going to appear, but for the time being, you need to remove just any objects which distract you from decorating your room. Next, rearrange your furniture, so you can get good traffic flow and there will be no objects interfering from the flow. You need to be able to move to your chairs and couch without necessarily moving objects. Create a certain space for your conversation. The last thing to do is arranging your furniture, so you can talk with visiting family or friend easily. Also, decorate around the existing focal point. If the existing on is a fireplace, you need to add large candles to its mantle.

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