Cozy Living Room with Black Sofa


very-living-room-curtains Cozy Living Room with Black Sofa

Many people love the black color for its elegance and neutrality. If you want to make a cozy living room with black sofa, there are many rules that you should know. The key is to consider the importance of color contrast. The first rule is, you have to paint the wall with pastel colors such as peach, pearly gray, sky blue, creamy yellow and light earth tones to make the black sofa shine and gives a warm vibe to the living room. The second rule is to stay away from dark paint colors such as burgundy or navy because the black sofa will sink between the colors. For the accessories, you can put vibrant artworks, boldly patterned throw pillows, and colorful accent furniture. It can be better too with wall-hung mirrors, polished silver or gold accessories and also weathered patinas.

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